Is Oklahoma State Question 777 for the farmer or the Corporate Pig Farmers and Puppy Mills? 

Ok, after reading SQ 777 I am having a hard time understanding how this helps the average farmer and their family in Oklahoma.  All I see this doing is, just like the question states, giving extra constitutional rights to farming, NOT farmer families. 


Here is what I am worried about, if I live in a area, any area (city, suburb, country, rural), and my neighbor decides to start raising pigs, aka farming pigs (read the question it protects livestock) or decides to start a puppy mill (livestock), my interpretation of this question is NOTHING now can stop them, actually, nothing NOW or going all the way back to Dec 31, 2014 can stop them. 


I am not an attorney, but I wouldn't want a puppy mill, rosters crowing, or the smell of pigs to be what wakes me up in the morning in my residential home or suburb, but State Question 777 gives anyone "These constitutional extra protection" to do this. 


Ask yourselves this, it State Question 777 looking out for "farmers and their families" or is State Question a wolf in sheep clothing looking out for big corporations that was to put their pig farms in anywhere without regard to their neighbors or the environment?


Read the question, make your own decision, when anyone entity receives "extra protection" and gets a back date to Dec 31, 2014, ask yourself what laws have been passed since then that would protect the INDIVIDUALS rights from over reaching corporations.  


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