GREAT!!! GREAT!!! GREAT!!!! Moves in the market this MONTH!!!!  Medium and Average Sales Prices are RISING!!!!  

What two factors do I feel are causing this rise ....  hummmm .... 1 being the greco-roman holidays are over and consumers pocket books are balancing out AND 2 being that agents are starting to work again ... hahahaha.  

OK Seriously, the median rise last month was 6k and the average rise last month was around 600 dollars (talking about the sales price).  

This is good if you are a seller due to the fact that you may .... MAY ... anticipate NOT having to do a price reduction if your home is price at Market when you get on the market over the next 1, 2, or 3 months.  

March is the month to get on the Market, according to Sillow Talk, so if you are needing to sell and upsize or downsize, give me a call at - 405-315-7965 and we can compare your home to market homes, set your List Price, schedule your photo shoot, and GET Going!!!!!