Less and Less Sellers are competing for Buyers market share as the winter months begin.  Just what does that mean if you are getting ready to begin selling your home ... it means you will have less competition!!!!!  

Now will less competition drive prices up ... with oil down 50% ... probably not, BUT it may help brace pricing, at least until the spring rush comes.  

Buyers are always going to chose the best house that offers the most value for the price, just like a car, if a corvette and a civic had the same price ... what do you think the buyers are going to buy ... the corvette, same thing with housing.  

If the Buyer is approved for 500,000 purchase price, they will buy the home that gives them the most bang for their buck.  

As as seller with inventory or low or high, if you price your home correct, your home will sell.  

Don't forget to watch this weeks Part 2 of the 5 part series on how to understand the Estimated Net to Seller on this page.  


Respectfully, Josh